Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability is defined by deficiencies in general mental abilities that impact two areas from functioning:

  • cognitive performance (such as learning, problem solving, judgement)
  • the ability to adapt (activities of daily life such as communication and independent living)

Men are more likely to develop an Intellectual Disability over women. This affects about 1 percent of the worlds population and out of that 1 percent, 85 percent of them have a mild Intellectual Disability.


Specialised Staff


Dr Stephen Strange

Stephen is an expert in his field when it comes to Intellectual Disabilities. Through years of lived experience with participants, he delivers unrivalled care.

Sylvie Wakanda

Sylvie is one of two of our Support Workers specialising in Intellectual Disabilities. After attaining her Certificate IV in Disability, she went on to develop immaculate interpersonal skills to help her interact with particiapnts

Jane Smith

Jane has been with us since day one and is the backbone of our care system. Hosting all of our individual and group therapy sessions.


You can get help with a variety of personal care duties and everyday activities in the comfort of your own home. The level of assistance you receive will be determined by your needs, with the goal of assisting you in developing the skills necessary to live as independently as possible.

Because everyone has the right to access and participate in the community, the NDIS may offer a variety of supports to assist with community involvement and the development of skills necessary for increased community independence. Social services, as well as assistance in obtaining job, training, and volunteer activities, are examples.


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